Complete Hebrew Word Pictures Package Worldwide


Value of $280.00 

Includes, at no cost, Alef, Bet, Gimel; 

The Basics of Life and Hebrew DVD (video teaching) 

Hebrew Word Pictures

Hebrew Word Pictures Flashcards

The Gospel in Ancient Hebrew

Men, Women and Fire (NEW EDITION)

The Ten Commandments (NEW EDITION)

The Ancient Tav

A Mighty Warrior

Sharing the Word


Our Ancient Alphabet

Ox, House, Camel, Door book

Ben-Yehuda's English Hebrew Dictionary with Dictionary Companion


If you want Dr Seekins to sign this book please send an email to with who you want it signed for when you make the order.

Example: Hebrew Word Pictures for John and Mary Smith

A Mighty Warrior for Abigail...

This is free for any who wish.

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