- Love Notes and Bookmarks

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Love - Biblical Hebrew notes and bookmarks

     4 different notes that you can print          

          Love - Ahavah - The sound of strong breathing

          I Love You (to a male) Ani O-hev

          I Love You (to a female) Ani Ot-cha

         I Love You - English words written in Hebrew 

     4 more that you can use for the back of the note or as a separate note or teaching.

        Love - Ahavah - in Ancient Hebrew

        I love you (to a male) - in Ancient Hebrew

        I Love You (to a female) - in Ancient Hebrew

        I Love You - Teaching on how to read the ancient           Hebrew sounds of I Love You in English

    4 different bookmarks (same as notes)

    Designed to be cut into 4 bookmarks per page


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