- A Limited Number -- Shema Israel - Hear O Israel - Pendant -


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Only 2 available - US only

     Designed and made in Israel

 The Shema  is a picture of a hear with fire rising up, that represents the love for God that is like a burning fire in our hearts.
     24K gold engrave in Black Onyx gemstone.
 Onyx or Shoham  שהם in Hebrew is one of the stone of God's Temple and on Aaron's breastplate.
     The oval fram is plated with thick 2mm gold.
 20" Gold Filled (about 5 percent gold)
     Includes a beautiful gift box.


-- includes U.S. Priority Mailing 


 I find it fascinating that the word picture for Shoham שהם or Onyx is The Name שם Revealed ה.

In the same way that Ahav אהב means
The Father אב Revealed ה
and Ohel - Tabernacle אהל means God אל Revealed ה.
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If there is enough interest
I will see if I can get more